Simon Here!!
Thanks for coming across to take a peek at our brand new site! We believe that you won’t regret it 

So you ask who are these new kids on the block? 

Our company
Well, with years of experience in sales it’s only natural that we have continued our careers to offer to you a collection of bargains from brand names, to liquidation and clearance stock. If we haven’t got it – we will find it! So keep our name in your favourites and stock up for those special occasions without spending a fortune. 

What we stand for
Obviously you probably need to know what makes us stand apart from the rest …… and no, trust me ....you have not heard this before. 

Well the way that I am about to woo you is to tell you that what you see is what you get. Not only bargains but we are removing the computer smoke screen to bring to you that good ol’ fashion service. Bet half of you have never experienced this before!! I know from my own experience that I have come to almost accept a lower standard of service as a part of our fast life, especially in retail. You’d think that with the rapid growth of internet shopping that retailers would be offsetting this with improved customer service in the face to face retail experience. Through my experience I find this has made no difference, regardless of the competition, where concentration has been placed on store remodelling and lower prices to maintain sales. So it seems a jolly good reason to build the same robotic experience with your computer, however with the much added benefits of convenience and expediency of internet shopping to browse and purchase at any time. 

Why we do it?
Being a naturally social creature, (same physiological need as bread and water!) any positive interactions has influenced my return, no matter how much I have to pay, such as my barber. (I’m kidding! I like a bargain as well!) He accommodates my busy lifestyle by being quick, friendly and by knowing his stuff especially how I like to be sheared. He knows me by name – and what a service! I almost forgot how good this makes me feel, and I remember this experience from growing up which was stemmed from humble beginnings on the family market stall. Here everyone knew each other on a first name basis, and a purchase between two people was personnel. This type of relation was built on trust we looked after everyone ...no dodgy business here! Now I want to share this experience with all you guys. Yes I have taken the plunge and joined the millions of sellers on the internet, with a difference....... an experience that you only get from a quality relation, a personal touch, a first name basis. Because that is us. So here we are the real deal to offer you a personal guarantee of both service and satisfaction!